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About Counselling

How can counselling help you?

If you have tried dealing with what is troubling you to no avail then counselling and psychotherapy may be for you! Initially the prospect of seeing a counsellor/psychotherapist may seem scary, but I hope and believe you will quickly see it as the start of your journey to help you better understand your feelings and think more clearly. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you make decisions and make changes in your life. It is about giving you the control and enabling you to make choices. As a counsellor and psychotherapist I help you to achieve this.

So what happens in a typical session?

As each client is unique there is not really any such thing as a typical session. However I outline below what may well be explored in sessions dealing with Relationship and Generalised Anxiety issues.

About Counselling #02

Generalised anxiety (with or without panic)

Together we can explore:

  • what brings you to counselling
  • why the anxiety started
  • what keeps the anxiety (and panic) going
  • your goals in coming to counselling
  • why we get anxious
  • worry and negative thinking patterns
  • different levels of fear and avoidance
  • relaxation and breathing techniques

Is counselling confidential?

Yes, counselling is confidential. However there are rare exceptional circumstances which may necessitate the breaking of confidentiality. This would be if it became clear there was a life threatening risk to you or to another person, or if I was obligated by law. In the unusual event where it became necessary to break confidentiality every effort would be made to involve you and for you to be fully aware of what was happening.


What times do I work?

I offer daytime and evening appointments. I also work some Saturday and Sunday mornings.

About Counselling #01

Relationship issues

These may be discussed either individually or in a couples session.

Together we can explore:

  • your commitment to the relationship
  • recent life events
  • the problem areas in the relationship
  • your expectations of the relationship
  • the rebuilding of trust in the relationship
  • helpful and unhelpful communications
  • the changes you want to make
  • the impact that change may make

How often do I need to come?

This is entirely up to you but generally people choose to come on a weekly basis. Regular reviews are held and you can of course terminate counselling whenever you wish to.


If you are unable to attend an appointment please let me know at least 24 hours in advance otherwise the session fee will be payable.

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